Dear participant,

Thank you for participating at the 3rd edition of the EU Clean Air Forum held in Madrid on 18-19 November 2021. We kindly ask you to fill in this survey. Your input and assessment will provide insights and suggestions for our future conferences on similar topics.

We would like to thank you once again for sharing your interest in our conference.

We hope you enjoyed the experience!

European Commission, DG ENV


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6. How do you rate the overall quality of the conference?

7. Please rate the quality of the six panel sessions.

SESSION 1: Zero pollution: air quality & health (Day 1)

SESSION 2: Engagement with cities and citizens (Day 1)

SESSION 3: Linking clean air, climate and recovery (Day 1)

SESSION 4: Air pollution, climate change and biodiversity (Day 1)

SESSION 5: Access to justice and a right to clean air? (Day 2)

SESSION 6: Air Quality: Revision of EU Rules (Day 2)

8. Which was your main objective to follow the event?

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11. Please rate the quality of the organisation of the conference.

Registration process

Logistic support and information provided

Virtual platform and app (Swapcard)

Interactivity and exchanges during the conference (onsite or online)

Overall duration of the conference

Conference venue: the Reina Sofia Museum (only for onsite participants)

12. For those that joined on-site: what type of transport did you take to arrive at the Forum? *

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